Secret Harbor Lake Tahoe

2170 Highway 28, Carson City, NV 89703

Secluded historic lakefront compound set among massive granite boulders, hidden coves, and soft sandy beaches on perhaps the most pristine and coveted stretch of shoreline on all of Lake Tahoe. The compound rests on private property grandfathered to the family in 1934 in the heart of national forest where towering Pines, ancient Cedars and Douglas Firs stand watch over this carefully curated grouping of lakehouse-chic dwellings. The compound consists of a boathouse perched above the lapping turquoise water and cream-colored sand, the main home on a bluff with panoramic lake views, a small cabin, Chicken’s Nest, and a second-story lofted guest cabin, Top Side, sited for optimal Sierra Nevada and sunset views. The boathouse serves as a sleek party room, the main house is a sophisticated yet intimate family space, the signature guest cabins have whitewashed walls and kitchenettes, all are designed for comfort and with extended reunions in mind, making this a spectacular camp for adults and kids.

Located less than four miles south of Sand Harbor, with the only pier for miles, amidst the sandy shoreline and boulder lined coves of the East Shore. The closest neighboring property is the iconic Thunderbird Lodge. Arrive at the compound by boat or seaplane, or take the Forest Service road meandering through untouched native forest to arrive at this 2+ acre hideaway, Secret Harbor, where you will find all the comforts of modern-day life and none of the distractions. A picture-perfect sandy beach, two buoys, and a large pier with a boat hoist top off this exceptional offering.



The main home engages the Nordic architectural features of log beams and mountain cabin aesthetics while embracing a contemporary layer of understated lake house elegance. This is accomplished through the use of compelling indigo and cobalt blues complimented with charcoal grays and bright whites. A continuation of lacquered woods and reflective metals are maintained throughout each home to unify the separate structures. Quartzite stone kitchen floors are reminiscent of the massive gray granite boulders of a once erupted volcano speckling the white sand beaches. High gloss lacquered redwood counters showcasing swirling wood grains reflect each cycle of seasons passed. A soothing monochromatic palette of biscotti and cappuccino in the primary suite create serenity in an intimate space. The rugged beauty of the topography is the muse of inspiration throughout the home. An open plan combining the expansive living room, dining room, and kitchen invites social connection.


The boathouse is directly inspired by vintage wood boats, the handcrafted golden mahogany and polished metal of sleek speedboats enticing sun seekers and joyriders to experience the lake in style. The two-tone teak and holly striped floors common of old sailboats and woodies, have been abstracted by being lifted and placed on the walls horizontally in the main room. The traditional black stripes and chrome details were also implemented in the space. Turquoise tile work and cream stone flooring reflect the shallow lake water and sandy beaches nearby.


This tastefully restored cabin paints an aesthetic of a whimsical forest of toadstools, trickling streams lapping over rounded stones, ancient trees covered in green moss, and light mist drifting through the endless thicket of branches. Frosted glass, reflective metals, whitewashed walls, mocha floors, and soft green complexions invite this experience into the home. Intricate patterns and light wooden antiques are implemented to compel the Nordic origins of much of Lake Tahoe’s early architecture.


The experience of dusk on the lake is the concept for this home. As the skies fall into sunset, heavy blood oranges, shimmering golds, shades of gray, and the ominous black of the approaching night sky fill the horizon. Nocturnal creatures emerge in the form of bats skimming the lake shore in search of food, owls perched on tree limbs, and wolf-like predators hunt for prey. All of these instances in nature are introduced into the designed space creating a tribute to its surroundings and an intriguing dynamic conducive to drawing a social presence.


The design concept for this 1934 lakefront compound was influenced by the vivid beauty of the immediate surroundings with centuries old redwood trees, untouched white sand beaches, massive granite boulders from a once erupted ancient volcano, snow peaked mountains, and a deep alpine lake shimmering a soft turquoise along the shallow waters that transition into a deep cobalt blue as it reaches the seemingly endless depths. Each of the homes embraces the color palate of its surrounding natural environment. The boat house on the lakeshore taking in the shallow turquoise waters and cream colored sand, the main home on a bluff overlooking a panorama of the lake absorbs the cobalt blue of the deep water and soft grays of the volcanic boulders, a guest cabin nestled among towering sequoia and redwood trees embraces a whimsy of mossy greens and the cool white of the morning mist above the nearby trickling stream, and a second lofted guest cabin embraces the saturated gold and blood orange of a sunset at dusk.


Lakefront Property, Private beach, private pier, 2 private buoys, private parking area for 8-10 vehicles, custom outdoor fireplace, hammock, ping pong table, horseshoes, and kayaks surrounded by the National Forest with adjacent white sand beaches and forest hiking trails, Satellite television, and wireless internet.


The property utilities are completely off the grid, the electrical is solar and generator powered, the water is sourced from the lake. Every system is completely automated allowing the property to run quite similar to a standard home.

Courtesy of Jeff Hamilton and Breck Overall