Residents of Medina could live anywhere in the world.

Welcome to Medina

A meandering drive through Medina on the Greater Eastside showcases the best of what the community has to offer. Although mainly residential, nearly a quarter of the community is green space, in the form of parks and a golf course. Driving along, vast estates are visible from the road, some tucked quietly down winding driveways and others proudly displayed by the lapping shores of the lake. Indeed, many of the best waterfront homes in the Eastside are located in Medina. The views from these homes are incredible. In the morning, early-risers are treated to splashes of pink and orange as the rising sun reflects off the water. Mountains shine white with snow in the distance and there is a peace to all that the eye can see.

But some people are not content with simply seeing, and for that reason many of the lakeside homes in Medina offer docks for swimming, kayaking, and canoeing. In the summer, these docks become the perfect place to entertain friends or clients. And on starry nights, they provide the ideal spot for enjoying a glass of wine or watching a meteor shower. The peacefulness and calmness of Medina are almost tactile they are so real. But don’t let the peacefulness fool you into thinking it is only a place for relaxing. Because within the 1.4 square miles of Medina are some of the most brilliant and creative minds in the world, including Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates.

Residents of Medina could live anywhere in the world. But they have chosen to live on the shores of Lake Washington, partly because it is close to everything they could ever need. They enjoy one of the shortest daily commutes when compared to the rest of the country, on average spending only 18 minutes getting to work every day. Because of the city’s proximity to SR 520, residents of Medina have the world at their fingertips. With only a five mile drive, they can be steeped in the sophisticated urban glamour of Bellevue, enjoy an eclectic afternoon in one of Seattle’s quirky neighborhoods, or be transported back in time at the Mercer Slough Nature Park. Medina is also a great stepping off point for fabulous weekend adventures along the I-5 corridor. And if you’d rather fly than drive, even the international airport is only a hop, skip, and a jump away.