Kirkland was easily the right American city to host the country’s favorite past-time.

Welcome to Kirkland

Every August, when the warm sun hangs high overhead and a cool breeze floats up from nearby Lake Washington on the Greater Eastside, the world watches Kirkland, Washington. It could have something to do with the teams of cute and competitive children vying for the title of Champion in the Little League Junior Softball World Series. But the Series knew what it was doing when it chose the small city of 49,000 to be its permanent home. With gorgeous lake views, beautiful mountains in the distance, and acres of well-maintained public parks to enjoy, Kirkland was easily the right American city to host the country’s favorite past-time.

Over the years, Kirkland has been in high demand as a home for organizations, businesses, and residents alike. It was the headquarters of the Seahawks for the team’s first 32 seasons and was so beloved by Costco during the company’s tenure in town that its store brand, “Kirkland Signature,” bears its name. There are many reason why Kirkland inspires hometown pride, but none more than this: it is simply an incredible place to live.

Because of its easy local accessibility and proximity to Interstate 405, Kirkland is also a wonderful jumping-off point for adventures around the Greater Seattle Area. Seattle is only 12 miles away, or 20 minutes by car. While many Kirkland residents work in Seattle, it is also popular for its many attractions, including the Space Needle and Pike Place Market. Woodinville is only 8 miles north of Kirkland, or 13 minutes by car. Its 70 local wineries provide some of the region’s best wine and entertainment. And for the ultimate in urban sophistication, Bellevue is a short 7 miles south of Kirkland, or 12 minutes by car. With premier shopping, an incredible art museum, and a world-famous Botanical Garden, it is the perfect complement to smaller Kirkland.