Preparing a Luxury Home for the Market

July 23, 2020

Preparing a Luxury Home for the Market

When the time comes to list your luxury home for sale, it is critical that you establish trust and rapport with an experienced local agent who can take the reins and present a flawless marketing approach. Equally important, the seller and agent must agree that in order to make money, one must be willing to spend money—and spend it wisely. As a best practice, the Gray Team always establishes a clear outline prior to commencing work that denotes who will be responsible for all costs associated with bringing the home to market.

Marketing is a crucial component up for every discussion, with some expenditures that solely benefit the home’s sale, and others that may promote both the agent’s business and the home. But don’t let these be a friction point; the more robust the marketing profile, the higher the likelihood of a successful sale.

A Tailored Marketing Plan

Professional stagers are a key component in luxury real estate, because they offer high-touch service and a trusted opinion for design trends in the luxury sector. Sellers should be prepared to work together with the stager to declutter the home of existing belongings, remove unwanted distractions from the potential buyer’s eye, and create a consistent theme throughout the residence.

Once the stage has been set, a professional photographer will capture print resolution photography and videography to showcase as much of the home and land as possible, from within and above. If you are selling acreage or waterfront, it is imperative to plan the shoot ahead of time to showcase the lifestyle and unique aspects of the property. Think ahead to the presentation from the buyer’s point of view: How do we want to draw them into the home? Beyond that, if there could be foreign interest in the property, it will be critical to provide as much imagery as possible to keep potential buyers engaged and help them make an informed decision.

Once the media is prepared, it’s time to execute on a tailored marketing plan that accounts for print and digital assets. A luxury home deserves high-end materials to match its caliber and this is no place to spare expense. The potential buyer that is willing to spend millions on a home requires more than one trigger point to make the decision to buy one home over another. Branded, consistent and layered marketing pieces just might be what helps push them toward your home.

Trusted Negotiation

​​​​Finally, it all comes down to negotiation. A trusted real estate advisor will always have the answers to potential loose ends and thoroughly research the property in advance, with the aid of the client, title team, homebuilders, designers, architects, etc. And by being prepared for anything that may come their way, the seller’s agent will have the certainty to build confidence in the buying party.  
If you are considering making your next move, reach out to the Gray Team! We’d love to discuss how to prepare your luxury home for the market so you can list with confidence and achieve the maximum return on your investment.

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